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I have been wanting to take Karsten fishing for a while. This damn weather has been killing that idea. Didn't think he or his mother were ready for the extreme elements although it was fairly windy this morning.

We woke up and I bounced the idea off Des as we didn't have any real plans. She was in so we got ready. The worms that have been sitting in the fridge waiting for this trip were still alive even :cool::cool:
Headed to a kids pond nearby. Have walked around it a couple times and have seen quite a few fish mostly gills and trout with a few smaller bass keeping the baitfish away

Karsten had been playing with his fishing pole and knows how to reel pretty well. Casting will come later as will most other things fishing related. Arrived to the pond with nobody fishing but plenty of activity from the geese and ducks which peaked his interest.

We walked the shoreline looking for a few fish in the steady wind but daddy didn't see any. We fished near some structure where I thought we might see some fish...
Not so much but he was having fun looking at the water, ducks, and people walking by.
Mommy saw a weird creature walking across the sidewalk

I was pretty shocked no gills or small bass were shallow but the fish weren't number one in this trip. We walked around after drowning a worm with no love. Went back to fishing a bit and I threw a few different lures to see what was going on. Mommy got some exercise walking around the pond which also kept Karstens attention wondering where she was. Little bro did more sleeping than anything while big brother was throwing rocks and soaking everything in.
Practice makes perfect

Almost two hours in the bobber started dancing a bit, I picked up his rod set the hook as I reeled but it came off quick.
Casted back out and about 10 min later as it drifted north the bobber bounced then went under with some force! Hooked this one and tried to get him reeling but he was more interested in watching than reeling. Mommy happen to be nearby on her walk to help with pictures.

He was barely ok with me holding him and the fish. He didn't touch the fish lol

Unfortunately the decent size rainbow didn't make it despite our best efforts. It swallowed the bait hook and I cut the line. It swam off a few times but kept coming back up. Hopefully a yote or two eats well tonight. *

Nada for the next 45 min and called it before anyone could get fussy. Let him reel it in a few times before we headed out.

Good times for all despite the wind. Glad he had a good time. Little easier to sell the next trip

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Awesome pic(s) and great day for you and yours.

Cool turtle btw.
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