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caught some trout up around/past 8# in this river in just a couple of trips this year. also lost a couple 10 plus pounders including a 15# I fought for 20 min. The funny thing is my dad went again in the same spot and fought the same fish for even longer and still lost him. Damn that current was powerful, couldn't follow him downriver much because of depth, coldness of water, and growth reaching over the river.
Here's me fighting the beast

Actually caught an 8# the cast before in the same spot. This was after he shook his head when I had him in my arms and jumped back in the drink.

colorful bow, 15/16" can't remember but around in there.

This river was interesting once you found a hole you would get multiple hookups of big fish in it, usually several 8 pound plus per hole. some holes anyway. Others had mostly dinks. River has rainbows, cutthroat, browns, and cutbows in high populations here as well as many brookies up higher and a few where I was fishin'.

Have fun trying to guess which one.
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