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A couple umm basic questions

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I am actually Brian's wife - had a few questions and asked for his log-on lol

We just started fishing recently again, both did alot as kids, but TOTALLY differant types of fishing. Him alot of lakes and ponds in Tx, and many lures.
Me, mainly streams and rivers in Oregon, tons of trout!
Then we fished some a few years ago, while he was still in the Air Force, in Biloxi and Florida, ocean fishing was really cool, but only went out on a big boat once.

Anyway, my questions... Fishing 101 :eek:)

I read one of you mention "the proper way to hook a worm" to keep it alive. I have fished with mainly worms but I never learned this???

Shrimp - neither of us ever fished with it, what kind do you use and how?

Leeches- I have heard many people lately say they using these, to be honest I have never even seen one up close, but would love to try, but I don't want to touch it...I know sounds dumb, but when you grow up watching horror movies, gosh even "Stand by me" Ugggg how do you hook them on? And why are they better than worms?

Any ideas of how to sink your line better than we have figured out, for a really fast current, but without getting majorly stuck? We tried 1oz bass weights, current either still brought the bait up or we'd get stuck.

Last question for now - We've been going to Chatfield alot, love night fishing, is there any cool or good place to go locally besides there or Cherry Creek, you can get into late without getting in trouble? Most the reseviors, parks, ponds, say closed 10 or 11??

We are on vacation for a week and want to fish most of it, so any ideas or hints are greatly appreciated.
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Union.. Night fishing's allowed

Barr Lake.. Questionable, but some of the guys here have done it

Jackson Res.. Only about 1 hr 1/2 outside of Denver.. Night fishing's allowed

Boyd Lake in Loveland.. Only about 45 min to 1 hr from Denver.. Night fishing's allowed

Lonetree Res.. Night fishing's allowed

All are relatively not too far nor too close. I'd look these up and see which sounds best for you.
Welcome Brian's wife!

I read one of you mention "the proper way to hook a worm" to keep it alive. I have fished with mainly worms but I never learned this???
I dunno I always used a small hook and hooked them around the collar...they squirm pretty can hook them back towards the collar like a plastic worm and make them weedless

Shrimp - neither of us ever fished with it, what kind do you use and how?
I prefer fresh shrimp that is raw...not cooked...frozen that is raw is second best...I use a hook about the size of the shrimp I buy...peel the shell off completely and thread it on the hook from the tail end...hiding the hook and point of the hook completely in the shrimp...I use them for wipers and catfish...

Leeches are my favorite bait...they dont need oxygen to the extent minnows do...or spoil as easily as worm guts either...walleyes and wipers love do trout in weedy lakes...the wooley bugger I believe is a leech pattern...the kind they sell dont suck your blood...they are scavengers...they use their sucker to hold themselves to logs and rocks while probing with the head end looking for decaying vegetation...use a light wire hook in a size 10 or 12...if you hold the leech they will kind of grab around your finger with the sucker on your index finger...slide the hook point under the sucker and back through about an eighth inch of the body and out...they swim like black ribbons in the water when hooked correctly...if you use one of those tylenol capsule shaped floaties you can keep them out of the weeds and rocks if shore fishing...they just feel like wet rubber...really a clean bait...change the water every few days and keep in the fridge or a cooler  with ice...

I have used light bullshot (a bullet shaped split shot a new product) with light line...sooner or later the current carries it to the bottom...they also make the flexible is a rope like sinker that goes on your line and hangs down and isnt supposed to snag very easily...

All of 1ER suggestions were good ones...North Sterling a couple of hours away...the one just north of Fort Collins...Carter Lake and Horsetooth...the one north of Fort Collins with the big wipers and catfish...Douglas Reservoir....Lon Hagler is supposedly kicking out cats...
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Brian-Lakewood said:
I read one of you mention "the proper way to hook a worm" to keep it alive. I have fished with mainly worms but I never learned this???
Any ideas of how to sink your line better than we have figured out, for a really fast current, but without getting majorly stuck? We tried 1oz bass weights, current either still brought the bait up or we'd get stuck.
Since these guys did a great job answering your question, I will focus a couple answers to these two.

"the proper way to hook a worm" I dont think there is a rigth and wrong way to hook a worm, most methods will work, depends what your fishing for. I have hooked worms every couple centimeter on the hook so its bunched up. I have hooked worm right threw the collar or closer to the head. I have ran the hook all the way threw the worm so its J shaped. And so on.. All have worked. One other method you might want to look into is a worm blower, this fills the worm with air and sorta pumps the worm up. This allows the worm to float is great for very vegatated lakes.

There are two ways I fish with weight in current, the first is with a heavy egg sinker and the drag set lite. This will hold your bait where you want it but if a fish picks it up the light drag will let him take it without resistance. The other method fishingkats explained very well so I am going to quote:
fishingkats said:
main line [ 20# ] to a three way swivel
then tie the hook line [ 50# ] to a circle hook i use 50# so i can grab it and pick the fish up by it if i dont have my net handy
then tie on a weight line [12#]
something light so it can break if you hang it up on something

Hope this helps
1eyeReD said:
Barr Lake.. Questionable, but some of the guys here have done it

I called the other day and they said as long as your fishing and nothing else(Sleeping,Walking around,Goofing off) they dont mind you night fishing.

i have been thinking [ and it hurts]
why so many places dont let night fish
or do they just want us to fish the heat of the day

most places this way in s.e. colorado dont mind you night fishing
Hello Brians' Wife!

Happy to help anyway we can! Feel free to register and then you can ask any questions you like and not have to use Brian's Login. Besides we can certainly use some more opinions of female anglers!

If you go to almost any state park even though the signs may say the park closes at a particular time that does not apply if camping is allowed for people actively fishing. so if its open for camping then generally you can fish after closing hours.

I know some places may have some odd rules but that is the general way it is.

Okay...I went and registered ::)
(Kind of long sorry, whoever said you guys needed more female angelers on here may regret it, we females can be long winded lol)

You guys are great! Thanks for all the advise and suggestions

We will have to check out some of those places this week - the past month has been so much fun fishing again. It's kind of funny how we got back into fishing. We've both always loved it, I guess life got a hold of us and we got our priorities messed up ;) know work, family, kids, lol

But any way, we have taken in lrg parrots that needed homes and we were driving up to Bailey to collect some wood for them. We have 3 boys and had two of them were with us. I saw a huge fishing on the left hand side of the road. The boys are 16 & 17 and I thought it would be fun to stop and let them try to catch some fish. Brian on the other hand, argued "that's not fishing!"

A stocked pond, and all the fishing supplies! But he gave in, I tried to rent a poll for him, and he wouldn't have anything to do with it....still stuck on the idea that it was not "real" fishing. So I just got the two boys a pole. Then Brian started telling them how to bait their hooks and showing them how to cast. Then when the first one caught a fish, he got excited for him and showed him how to take it off. Of course the boys thought it was funny, and I whispered to one have dad show you how to cast out far and then let him hold your pole.
Ha you guys are so easy to read. :D
I knew if I could just get a pole in his hands he'd have fun. And after the first fish, he didn't give the pole up, so had to walk and get another one. These places aren't cheap, so my intention was okay a couple fish and we'll go. (You have to keep everything you catch & they charge you by the inch) So 6 fish later I convienced them we needed to get back to looking for wood!
I don't care for the taste of fish much, but they do, so I was a trooper and offered to clean the fish and grill it them for them, they loved it.

The look on their faces was so neat and it was so much fun, there isn't alot that teens want to do with their parents. What a better bonding experience, for now and for the future, when they will call and want to go fishing.
So for father's day, the boys and I went to Gander Mtn that Friday and after much advise on what to buy, we walked out of their with some ugly sticks, quantum and shimano reels, tackle, nets and supplies for everyone. I figured what gift could be better for father's day, than something to make him happy and something he could do with the boys. He said it was the best gift he'd ever gotten. Then his b-day was the 28th, so in keeping with the fishing theme, we got him a bunch of rapala lures and tackle.

Would love to find one of those places for big cats, we have been going out to chatfield alot and the spillway is fun, last weekend a guy caught an 8lb one off the end of one of the walkways, and we met a guy who drove all the way down here from El Paso just to fish because he heard someone pulled a 30lb one out of there. I'd be happy just to see that! I was born in Alabama, so catfishing is in my blood! (Of course I learned on stocked ponds that my papa and uncle owned and they had a caretaker to clean and fillet the fish for us, but it still was fun)

We caught a few 8 to 10in sm bass, which was exciting because it was my first bass, we walked over to the dog ponds and caught a couple in there too, but there were more crawdads in there and turtles that ate our bait than fish. We caught some walleyes off the handicap pier, a first again. The only sad part was the boys and I were catching the fish, Brian wasn't catching any.

I know you guys are going to say thats the luck of the newbies, but here is the secret.....Brian was mainly trying out all his new fishing lures and stuff, while the boys and I mostly fished with worms ;)
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Long winded posts are the best to read especially when they are kewl stories like that. I too have just gotten back into fishing, after the army I had seemed to slip into not going camping or outdoor things. Finally went a couple times last year and was like why havent I been fishing in all this time. Thanks for posting and joining up, good luck with them fish.

Welcome! I loved your post! Its great when you can get the kids involved like. Maybe you can make some recommendations for me in Alabama. I will be in Florence, the beginning of August. Where is the best place for a single day to fish in that area? Any ideas?

My in-laws live there and in the past I fished below Wheeler Dam but its a bit harder to fish without a boat and I usually only get one day to fish.

hi night_shadows hope you the best fishing
and glad to see some new people on this site
hey there night_shadows welcom to the site, very much looking forward to your input
try eating some good fish from a high mountain lake, or any of the big lakes out of the metro area and they will taste much better than those in the ponds,the meat will be and orangeish color if they are gonna be good, the stocker ponds fish never get any color or flavor, my first trout i ever ate came from probably these same ponds(figured if i paid like 10 bucks for it i better eat it) it tasted like crap.
Great post. Keep on writing!
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