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Headed up to Wyoming for a couple days with the intent of targeting brown trout and tiger trout at two different lakes. Day one started awkwardly with me awaking from the back of my truck to find that the neoprene waders I had left outside to dry drug 20 feet away with a massive tear in them. I have no idea what animal would do something like this, but it wasn't a good way to start the morning. Things soon looked up with a PB cutthroat at 21.5 inches, in a lake I didn't even knew had them.

Very slow for a while with just a mid-sized rainbow before I finally got my first decent brownie of the year at 23 inches, but running a little on the skinny side.

The next day was for tiger trout, or so I thought. Hooked into a couple of big brook trout, including another PB at 18 inches, and foul hooked a baby tiger.

The next 500+ plus casts resulted in nothing! Pretty disappointed, but I had fun exploring a new area and getting some species variety. It's also enjoyable to go up there to places that literally have nobody else fishing!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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