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Put a GPS tracker on LTF's car and headed east with neighbor Dan. Fished a different lake on Thursday and it sucked badly. :p. The spot we wanted to fish was surrounded by 1" of ice. No way. Fished other areas got 4 craps, 2 of which were minnows and 5 channel cats 18'ers.

Friday dawned and we headed to the good lake and lacking any intel we drove up on the dam and spotted some peeps and huts and drove there and it was on. Actually started slow for me I had 5 craps by 2pm then finished with a flourish ended up with 42 in the bag and a gill. Dan bagged up about the same. Gave the white bass away and left at 6pm got home at 10pm.

Bobby Garland Electric Chicken worked well early and late. During bright sun a 1/16 CJS Demon tipped with a wax on 4 lb floro was the bomb. I caught most on this setup. Man that was a light bite yesterday! Big was 13" with several 12's. Lost 5-6 nice ones at the hole.

Always heard of craps on the brush piles but 1st time doing it. I'm an Action guy and that was fun. Going back soon. ;D

No way-

Partial pile-

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