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A decent night

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I went out again in search of those elusive eyes. I got to said lake 30 min before dark. I immediately started throwing my go to bait now a days a grub(I have lost so many jerk baits and I starterd throwing 4 and 5 inch grubs and it pays out when the jerk bait bite is tough) I hooked up immediately with a huge eye it was still daylight, she got closer and closer and I could see the hook in the corner of her mouth I tried to baby here in. But no chance she swam away without a pic. I had five more bites and two hook ups both males in the 20in range and milting all over. This is a diff lake and they just started busting the shallows. I castes out deeper from the splashes and was reward. Here's the only pic


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Gotta pay the dues man. I totally feel your pain on the big one...
Nice! Way to be persistent. Funny, I rig up a 5" grub on my second rod as well until the temp hits 50 or so then switch to a senko as my smallie fish finder.
I got skunked last night except for a few small bass. You can also swim a 5" or 7" fluke on a 1/4 oz Darter head.
I have never tried flukes for walleye only 4 and 5 inch paddle tail swim baits. But I will keep that in mind thanks Neal.
Said Lake sure is tough. I can't stand that spot.
Nice work! Sorry you lost the big one... always rough.

The flukes have treated me well, definitely worth using. Never quite gotten the hang of the grubs. Maybe because I have confidence in what I am using and no confidence in them... Always get stuck in the rocks pretty much immediately... Mind sharing what size jig head you use? I always assumed small for slow presentation, but like I said... I don't know what I'm doing there.
For my grubs I prefer 1/16 ounce with a longer shank. I find I have a lot more hooks ups with the longer hook.
Everything I buy has either 4/0 or 5/0 gammies or Owner hooks!
For my grubs I prefer 1/16 ounce with a longer shank. I find I have a lot more hooks ups with the longer hook.
Thanks! I will have to give it a try.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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