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One time I was bass fishing in a local pond; this was just a small pond, you could easily walk all the way around it, but I had heard there were some good bass in it.

I was throwing a black plastic worm and letting it sink all the way to the bottom, and then just jigging it in by lifting the rod and reeling in a few feet of line, then letting it drop again.

I hooked into something that I couldn't hold -- I had to let it take out line otherwise it would have just broken off. I didn't know what it was. Maybe a big snapping turtle, but I was hoping it was a huge bass. It kept pulling out line, and finally got clear over to the other side of the pond, and halfway out of the water. I looked real hard at it over there, and I said, "Why, that thing's got hair on it!"

Well, whatever it was scrambled out of the water and went straight up a big tree. I started around the pond, keeping my eye on that tree, because I just had to know what it was that I had hooked.

I finally got to the tree, standing right under it, and I was looking up there, and I almost got to see what it was....

But then....

It flew off....
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