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A little cattin today

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Had to use my old license today..before I buy a new one tomorrow.

Water temps started out at 47 up to 52 before I left. Fishing wasn't fast..but good quality.. They pulled like son of a guns. Definitely love catching cats..especially in the early spring.

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a good way to use up the old license nice kittys Dave
Had to use my old license today..before I buy a new one tomorrow.
You know the new license wouldn't expire any sooner if you bought it today, right? :D Of course, you could argue: well, the old one wouldn't expire any sooner if I bought a new one today either... :lol:

Solid cats! :thumb:
haha...I know AO..just a good way to retire the old one.
Just want to give credit where credit is due. Those are some fine lookin' Cats. Job well done! What test line are you using for those guys?
Thanks..I use eight pound test mono..and set the drag.
Very nice, good looking fish. And it looks like cats CAN be caught during the day LOL.
Nice kitties as always sir.

Way to get your money out of that old license!
Nice!! Gotta be a fun little ride in your tune!
Back at it again! Well done, Dave. Love the cat posts!
Atta boy 2! lets see some brook trout its almost April 1st!!!!!!!!
Do you ever work?
Man, you got those feesh dialed in... I am an absolutely horrid cat fisherman... I might beg for info some day! Cool report, and looks fun on the Hobie.
Very nice hobie!!! I am still waiting for you to post pics of a calico kitty though since Z has you beat with the blackie short hair!!! :rolleyes: :thumb:
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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