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A tribute to jetskiers

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Shame on you!! ;D My son has a jetski and he's one of the few that are courteous-I brought him up that way. Told him to always give fishermen and other boats a wide berth and not act like a moron out there. Have to admit though, just the sound of one kind of annoys me!! Ed
i hit a guy one time with my line but didnt hook him
then he had the nerve to go tell the fish and game
it was funny he got a warning from them for being to close
to me and the other fishermen
when the fish and game came down to talk to us all he said was make sure we have a good hold on are pole because its going to pull like a big one
then he told us just try not to hurt anyone
we told him all we had was lead no hooks
McFish said:
Interestingly, I have this same photo in a poster version. I purchased it from the Scott flyrod company about 5 years ago. So I was surprised to see it without the Scott logo...
Here in South Florida we have Jetski offshore tournaments. 100 points for each one caught, 200 points for releasing the driver alive, and 500 bonus points for completlely disabling the Jetski!
now thats funny ;D
I dont care if people jet ski but it always seems that they have to be close to you. It seems to be a show off sport or something and the noise is really irratating. We call them water turds.
McFish, That's even uglier than one of those tench fish! I hope they're rare. I don't want to see many of them.   :) 
:D Oh yeah!

Now THAT's what I'm talkin' about!!!
Think of how many times we've all felt like doing that! Good one McFish.
what is the keeper limit on Jet Skiers? Do you go with a heavy braided line? Any favorite lures? Do they fight much when you bring them to shore?

My Meps Musky killer oughta be able to snag 'em!

"If I can reach a jet skier with the first cast, he is way to close!"
I prefer and 8 foot rusty barbed wire leader with optional 1000 pound anvil downrigger attached!
I like Zmanns rig....I'd add to that a large plastic kinda like a net to keep em under water till the fight is out of em...never bring a wounded one into the boat!My dad always tole me to poke em in the eye with a stick first...
I see no point in catching one of those because they are like a carp. They may put up a good fight but in the end, they aren't really good eating. Then again, you can always use them as cutbait.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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