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My two son's and I went to Adams County last night and had a decent fishing time. No great big cats or bass but what we caught was fun-Two small channel cats, 4 perch, and two small bass. My 8 year old son caught his first catfish which was about 11 inches long. But he was so happy and jumping for joy that it didn't matter about the size. We used worms hotdogs and shrimp. Took the hot dogs and shrimp and soaked them in garlic and left them outside for about 3 hours. Man they stunk. put them on hooks and threw them about 50 feet from the little sandbar near the bridge. Cast the bait towards the bridge and in a few minutes we had a fish. Nothing large to report. But still a good time. No pics because it was to windy and looked like it was going to rain. We fished from 6PM until 1030PM

The weather was cloudy, very windy and the water was very warm. There were a few other fisherman out. One had a Blue ford pickup (older model) with a white camper. If you read this hope you did well. We had a blast.
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