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BE PATIENT!!!!!! Remember catfish are scavingers. They come out only to eat, the closer the food the better. If tehy pick up teh scent of your bait, they will slowly come out of hiding and slowly track it down. Let your bait be! Thats why catfisherman have bells on their poles. Here is some info i use: Catfish tend to be found where there are dark holes for them ot hide in. (Ex: rocks, trees, old docks,etc) Put your bait closer to these more cats will swim by. As i said, catfish are scavengers. This means you must leave the bait in one spot and not move it! The cats will find it and eat it. By putting the bait closer to a sheltered area where the cats hide, more catfish pass by your bait. This means more chances of a cat eating your bait. Catfish find food food mostly (but not entirely) by smell. If you put your bait out and move it, the scent leads them to nowhere. If you leave your bait, the scent leads the cats right up to you! Also remember. Mo stink, mo fish! Quantity doesnt matter either! Also for bait, you know the stink that you cant stand when you leave worms in a hot car? Well the cats love that stink. Mix it with some fo your bait (not other worms), but something like powerbait dough.  Go back and try again but dont touch your poles once you cast except to check your bait. With catfish give each type of bait 30-45 minutes before changing it. Also wiht three or six different poles in teh water, that a lot of different scents. Next time try putting one of your poles out wiht a worm or chicken liver. Teh outside most poles and the pole closest to the middle (or upstream[current]) from teh center should have a scent on them. If a catfish is following a scent trail adn they find one they liek better, they will chase the better fo teh two. The chicken liver and worms are a nice little treat that they can find while following another scent trail. Something like a snack while on the road.Hope this helps.
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