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Grassroots advocacy for our nation's 46 million anglers - that's what Keep America Fishing is all about.

There’s a lot of politics in fishing. From bans on your tackle to the creation of no-fishing zones, our nation’s pastime is often under threat of being over-regulated, or worse, being completely taken away.

Through policy, science and conservation, the Government Affairs team of the American Sportfishing Association (the trade association for the recreational fishing industry) works to minimize access restrictions, achieve clean waters and restore fish populations. And while they’re successful dealing one-on-one with our Congressional leaders, we all know it’s the power of the people that will influence positive change. That’s where Keep America Fishing and our network of nearly 1 million supporters comes in.

Keep America Fishing gives you – the public – a place to learn about the issues we’re facing and unite as a community. When millions of Americans come together and ask our political leaders to vote in favor of recreational fishing, they will listen.

So why are we here, as a sponsor of this forum? Because you are the ultimate anglers! You are the most connected, the most involved, and the most passionate. You are the true watchdogs of our waterways!

You should be armed with information and ways to take action in order to be a part of the process. The more of you who get involved, the more you can ensure that your days on the water are the best days.

And with help from our industry partners, we'll be able to give you some new tips and tricks along the way (and maybe some good deals, just for being a supporter!).

We are very proud to be a part of this community and hope you'll get involved with ours. Visit our website - - learn about the issues that matter to you, and sign up to stay informed.

Thanks for all you do!

Liz Ogilvie - Director, Keep America Fishing

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