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Wanna hear a fishing story that confirms the saying that "The only certainty when fishing is that there are no certainties"!!

In early June I am joining a party of nine going to Christmas Is on a SWFF trip primarily targeting the famed bonefish.

One of the group holds the world record for a bonefish caught on a previous trip, so we naturally assume he was a very experienced SW fly fisher. Not necessarily so it would seem if the story I was told by several reliable sources is factual & I have no reason to doubt it is.

The afore mentioned world record holder had done a bit of freshwater fly fishing, but it was his first SWFF venture so could not be expected to be entirely competent given the unfamiliar gear & technique required.

A native guide is almost essential as bonefish for the less experienced, can be near impossible to sight therefore when he sights any he calls "2 o'clock at 20 mtrs" or whatever & the hopeful angler does his best to land his fly on target.

Was told it was the guys' first cast & as most of us have done at some stage or other, he hit the water behind him on his back cast when the guide had called a sighting in front of them, no doubt largely due to a combination of inexperience & an element of "stag fever".

The fish in front had disappeared at that stage, but as he began to retrieve his line from behind ready to cast at the next sighting, there was a sudden tug on his line.

The next as they say is history, as after a prolonged fight the fish was lifted from the water to be declared to be a world record !!!!!!!!!!

How tinny was that ????????

Gotta go now & practice my back casting.
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