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Minimum allowable age to operate a vessel solo.

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Age to Operate a Vessel Solo (Poll)

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We talk about Jetskiers and other boaters a lot on the forum.  How old do you think a person should be to operate a vessel (other than hand powered )

Some states have age limits that require any operator under a certain again be accompanied by an adult (over 18 or 21 depending on the state)

What age do you think a person should be able to operate solo and why?

Use the poll to indicate the age for operating solo and post your opinions on how old to operate with supervision.


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I voted age 16. Because I feel if the state feels you are not old enough to drive a car you are not old enough to drive a boat or pwc. I think the water is probably just as dangerous if not more than a hiway. There are no lane markers, no traffic lightsn no stop signs and a dearth of law enforcement personnel on the water to enforce safe boating.

i too would have to say that if you cant be drivin cars you shouldnt be drivin boats (solo) but i would like to see younger folks alowed to drive "underpowered" boats like a small skiff with a 5-10 horse or an electric trolling motor as long as they passed a test showing they new the regs!

the problem is not the age it is the maturity and i can tell ya there are plenty of folks out ther that are old enough to vote or even drink that are not mature enough to be driving boats

i also feel that as long as a mature adult is close enogh to take control they should be able to let there kid take the wheel
I think that a boat, pwc, atv, dirt bike, etc should all be considered motorized vehicles and should not be operated by anyone who doesnt have a valid drivers license/ permit. If the minor has a permit then they should be allowed to drive only with someone over 21.
I feel they should take a class, but as far as age I dont know... I been driving motorcycles since I was about 8, and ATVs around 10 or so by myself. We even used quads and 4X8's to heard cattle. Jet ski's are sorta the same way when I drove them 12-15ish there were no rules about how old you had to be so it was fine.
YOu will have people be dumb operating them at what ever age... look at all the bui's ect.
Well, since I bought my first boat with the money I earned working the summer I turned 14, I voted for 14.  But, even I have to admit that times have changed. I'm for 14 only after they take a class and only for operating at wakeless speed on lakes restricted to wakeless boating. That ought to keep most people safe and still allow kids to boat and fish.
OK, I realize some kids at age13 and younger are mature enough to safely operate.  I also realize a lot of people (tons actually) are not.

So base your vote on this.....

At what age do you feel there are enough people mature enough to set as the minimum age for operating boats, pwc's etc that are powered other than by human power.

55. I'm 56 ;D
what about a driving test? have the minimum age be something like 12 adn you cant drive one until you pass the test and not a written test
a written test is a must that way when they get busted for a violation they cant say "but i didnt know that"

some sort of on the water test might be good but should include things like docking and loading also emergency procedures like throwing a life ring proper use of a fire extinguisher proper loading of a boat and stuf like that
i said 16 because thats when i felt my son would be mature enough to do it but i would also require a class and test and if you can handle that any age
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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