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I spent a year up there way back when. I lived on Kenai lake and worked for the forrest service. I fished a small stream, about the size of boulder creek. Its called Ptarmigan Creek. Its between Moose Pass and Seward, right down the road from Trail River. During the sockeye runs the dolly's pack up in there after the eggs like you can't believe.

I used a cheap fly rod about a 5 wt with a small spinning reel and 4 lb test. I bought orange and red beads the size of salmon eggs and threaded one through the line, then tied on about a size 10-12 hook.  The bead will slide right down on top of the hook. I placed a split shot about 12-18 inches above the egg/hook. The faster the water the closer the weight is to the hook. Just enough weight to bounce off the bottom every couple of feet or so. Cast upstream at about 10 o'clock, you should be hitting bottom by the time the line reaches 12 o'clock, if not add more weight.

I can still remember a particular sat. My wrist/forarm was so damn tired I had a hard time just holding the rod up. It was the single best day I had ever had and to this day, I still have not come close.

The dolly's ran between 14 - 20 inches. Most needed to hit weight watchers, pigz, all of them. I even had a few salmon pick it up, but I would just hold the line and snap it when I realized I had a salmon.  Trail river is near there, bigger and much deeper. Plus, Trail River runs brown while Ptarmigan Creek is gin clear most of the time. There are some beautiful lakes within easy hiking, Vaught Lake and Ptarmigan Lake, you can find them on a local map. Not sure how well they fish.
Good luck my friend.
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