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anyone have any opinions, or experience with the alumacraft t14v?(the one sold at sportsmans warehouse) I have a 12' flat bottom jon that works great as long as the winds stay calm, but i'm in the market for something a little more stable on medium lakes(union, lonetree, aurora) but still light enough to throw on and off the trailer at unimproved lakes(wellington #4 and such). thanks in advance.

i have owned alumacraft boats for a while now. one currently is a bigger 16' and it is awesome.
i had prior a t14v that i bought in 1996 new. it was exactly like the one at sportsmans warehouse. it is a nice boat for exactly what you want it for. i recommend a small trailer for it though. it will be light enough for 2 guys to hand launch - except for an outboard, battery, gear, all of which would need to be put on after the boat is hand launched.

if you get that boat you won't be dissapointed. gives you all the details of any boat they make.
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