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Like the first reply says, I hope you have some thick skin, as can be seen from the other posts. Let me also say, I'm glad to see ABA back in Colorado. I started fishing the old District 55 back in 04. Lots of fun, unfortunately I no longer own a boat, but may consider going as a non-boater if that is still an option.
So, on to your question. Pueblo - great bass lake. Another option in the south would be Navajo. Northern waters I would suggest are Chatfield, Boyd and Lonetree. Chatfield can get real busy in summer and weekends; fishes really good for smallies in early spring and does have some largemouth. Same applies to Boyd. Lonetree is a great largemouth lake, smaller in size and has a wakeless only restriction. If your really in a pinch for another north lake, Carter is an option.
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