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Hello to all Bass fisherman in the State of Colorado!!! My name is Bill Plains and i am a Tournament Director for American Bass Association! I have Been running tournaments for over 8 years in California and have recently moved to Colorado for Work and i am starting up a couple regions out here! I will have a southern region and a northern region. Right now the southern region only consists of Pueblo Reservoir! I am looking for and interested to hear about any other Lakes that have good Bass fishing either small mouth or largemouth in the southern part of the state! The northern region i have Horsetooth but i can only do 2 events there so i need other lakes. I have heard that Wolford is a good option so i am looking into that but havent been able to get ahold of anybody at the lake. Any other options i am glad to entertain the ideas. I have contacted John Martin Reservoir and Granby lake but they both said the bass fishing wasnt good enough to make for a decent tournament.

Colorado South Region Tournament Schedule

April 30th 2016
May 21st 2016
June 11th 2016
June 25th 2016
July 16th 2016
Aug 6th 2016

If you have any questions Please feel free to call me!

951 236 8925
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