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Great time several weeks ago at the annual fishing derby up in Rangely, Colorado. To summarize the tournament, there are multiple categories, it's a team tournament, and it runs for 30 HOURS!! We had an off and on bite for most of it but still managed over 75 Lbs of fish between the 3 of us, Our 4th bailed at the last minute
! Species to target in this tournament are Rainbow Trout, Several types of Catfish, Common Carp, Black Crappie, and Smallmouth Bass. All 3 of us went for heaviest stringer as a team so we were bottom fishing with hair rigs for the carp and cats!

Multiple triple ups, constant double ups, and a multitude of good times; including my GF attempting to swim halfway across the lake for her fishing rod
If you've never heard of this tournament, you should come check it out next year!!

(Video Link Below) (Pictures as well)
145.7 LBs of Crappie Caught (8"+)
582.88 LBs was total weight of tournament


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