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Hit the Canyon around 1PM yesterday after negotiating the road closure (see warning in another post). Because of the road closure we almost had the canyon to ourselves - very few people in there.

Started in the gold medal section with green partridge soft hackle and a callibaetis dropper just like I knew what I was doing. Took a whole bunch of fish and then began experimenting with my nymphing technique. I removed the strike indicator and just watched the line movement. Took another 4-5 with this method and then a storm moved in.

After the storm I had almost no luck in the next 3 hours. I landed a 6" brown and hooked (and lost) a monster that was easily 24" (came out of the water twice). And that was it. The only hatch of the day was the no-see-um midges aorund 5PM. There were some adult caddis hovering on the willows when we arrived but we did not see any pop off during the day. No tricos either.
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