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Good afternoon,

I headed out this morning and as I passed through Evergreen the temperature said 37 degrees. I started out throwing a woolly bugger and was getting some hits just nothing that would commit. After about an hour of fishing I decided to call it a day but as I was walking back to my car I noticed a few fish rising in a hole I had already fished earlier.

I decided to give it a shot and tied on a small renegade and to my surprise I caught 10 fish out of that hole in the next half hour. It was like magic and a great time. Right place/right time I guess. Caught a few nice browns and a few smaller rainbows.

Here is a pic of the brown I caught before I switched over to the dry fly. This was not a bad fish but was my only one landed before I hit that hole on the way back to my car.

Great day to be out.


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