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Trout are easy, they don't seem as finicky as the warm water species. You'll have to stick to the lakes untill after runnoff, so learn the art of powerbaiting for stocked trout (slip weight, small hook, beverage). The high mountain streems will clear up the quickest. around july start backpacking into some of the remote streems and lakes around you. These fish can be tricky, don't let them see you coming. Leave the powerbait at home, you will want small spinners (panther martins or mepps, 2 smalest sizes), flys (grasshopper, ant, caddis, behind a bobber on spin-tackel or learn to fly fish), and maby small spoons (smalest castmasters or daredevils). you can always float worms too. Once the colorado clears up, start fishing it with larger spinners, rappalas or float worms (look up some posts by TroutFishingBear on floating crawlers, he seems to be the king.)

Keep only what you'll eat, don't leave crap on the ground, and welcome to Colorado! Good luck-
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