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any good yard sale finds leading up to hardwater season

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i got a coleman procat for 10 bucks used once
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I never have time to go to garage sales.
Me neither. Too busy fishing. :p
Housewives... I know what you mean
Subtlety makes for better poetry... Now that it's in the open, I ought to give you a proper sermon and remind you that adultery is a double mortal sin. It is the only sin mentioned not once but twice in the 10 commandments: once for doing it and once for simply thinking about it. Shameful stuff! SMH :D
That's funny. I never said anything about adultery. Only said something about scenery. Besides...

The bible also says that anyone who divorces a woman makes her a victim of adultery as well as whoever marries a divorced woman is an adulterer. And the penalty is to be stoned to death? So get a divorce and you should be killed? Yeah that's not very subtle either....

Besides do you get the impression that the Ten Commandments really have an impact on me?
You are taking that bible stuff much too seriously. All I meant was: it was way more funny when Slayer said it, the way he said. Your translation killed the poetry of his post. Despite having plebeian tastes in beer, Slayer really is a poet.
Haha. Touché my attempt as smartassery was a failure. I was just playin. Sometimes I'm a little too blunt for my own good
All good. We are all trying to best slayer...
The resurrection of the llama! :llama: :llama:
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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