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I know.. not fishing related, but I'd rather give someone on here a good deal.

I have a pellet stove vacuum that we used for one year before we moved out of our old house.. The new house doesn't have a pellet stove and we aren't installling one, so I have to sell the vacuum. I paid $220, I'll sell it for $100.

I can't tell you how nice this thing is for cleaning the mess of the pellet stoves. It has fire proof filters so if by accident you suck up a hot ember, you don't risk ruining it. The hose is fireproof and the nozzle is steel. The nice thing about the steel nozzle is you can bang it against stuff to loosen the soot. I loved this vacuum when I used it... I will warn, it's loud and powerful.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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