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All three of the stream inlets at the south end of the lake (on either side of the peninsula where the campground is). I like to fish the fall creek inlet on the west side of the lake. You can hike around and fish it from shore, or you can boat or float tube up to it from the campground.

I cast just about any nymph pattern fly right up to the inlet and retrieve in very very short, quick strips - two quick strips, pause, repeat.

The trout at these inlets will hit most anything. I've caught them on streamers, and on spinning gear with spinners, etc...

I've seen people do well with powerbait, salmon eggs, and worms, at times, but fly fishing the inlets has always been the most productive at this time of year for me at Chambers.

Now is still a decent time to catch lakers in the shallower water on the south end of the lake, too. I caught a nice one last spring at this time on a bullethead marabou streamer.
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