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Anyone know why?

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The last few rainbows that I have kept and eaten have different color meat.....Some pink,some white. Does anyone know why or what causes this? (And yes they were cooked thoroughly)I was thinkin about it and only thing that came to me was that maybe some of them (either one either way) were stockers and some were not but that doesnt make any sense to me because the places ive been lately are not the type of lakes or locations to have natural fish there, if ya know what I mean.......All these lakes are that ive been tohave to be stockers and stockers only as far as rainbows go.....I dont know....... What do you guys think??????
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Pink meat = wild trout or hold overs... light pink and a little white = hold overs.... white mushy = stocker trout.
Its all because of their diet and exercise stocker trout are fed pellets at the hatchery and are held in tanks, so their meat and muscle build up is different then wild trout and stockers that have been in the wild for a while (hold overs).
Usually the pinker the meat the better the trout taste.
ClackaRam said:
It really does not matter how long a fish has been a river/lake in relation to flesh color. The DOW hatcheries could add carotinoids to the standard diet and stocker fish would have red flesh.

Well it kind of really does matter, the DOW does not add carotinoids while they are at the hatchery, I assume its a budget thing. The meat is still safe to eat, it just doesnt taste as good. The longer the fish is in the system the more natural carotinoids it will ingest turning the white stocker meat to a pinker color.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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