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Anyone know why?

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The last few rainbows that I have kept and eaten have different color meat.....Some pink,some white. Does anyone know why or what causes this? (And yes they were cooked thoroughly)I was thinkin about it and only thing that came to me was that maybe some of them (either one either way) were stockers and some were not but that doesnt make any sense to me because the places ive been lately are not the type of lakes or locations to have natural fish there, if ya know what I mean.......All these lakes are that ive been tohave to be stockers and stockers only as far as rainbows go.....I dont know....... What do you guys think??????
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definitely diet - in most lakes or reservoirs there is fresh water shrimp, scuds, and crawdads and are very high in protien. Trout that have been in these systems for a year or two and are feeding mainly on these food sources will have a nice salmon color meat. Stockers will have white mushy meat due to the dog food they have been raised on, but once they are introduced to a high protien diet I would think their meat would get healthier. Most trout in rivers will have whiter meat and I don't know if it is because they mainly eat insects. Good Question, but definitely a diet related thing.
Clackaram seems to have more experience and knowledge about fisheries biology and I enjoyed reading his reply. It makes perfect sense and is something we don't think about that often.

On another note: Do Not Buy Farm Raised Salmon. It is like buying a trout from the stocker truck or hatchery and taking it home and eating it. They inject color and fatty acids into these fish to make them look like real salmon. Most people don't know the difference.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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