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Anything going on at Pueblo Res?

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Just wondering how the fishing has been early Spring... Dow has nothing at this time... thanks
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The trout action has been pretty good but everything else has been slow or at least I haven't been catching anything other than trout and the last trip a few real healthy smallies between 14 and 15 inches. I did talk to a DOW officer that told me they have had a very productive walleye spawn, biggest fish as of last week was 37" and over 17lbs. I think two more weeks of warm weather and everything will start.
Thanks, good to here... that is kind of what I was thinking... just enough time to get things in order for the season.
Oats, any idea as to the water temp on Pueblo... I amagine it is still in low 40's. Especially after the last cold snap. Thanks
Surface temps were anywhere from 44 to 47 degrees. But I didn't go all the way to the west so it could be warmer.
When does the wiper action usually get going there? Is there a certain water temp that turns them on?
I usually don't expect much action until the water temp is in the high 50's low 60's.... Started seeing some action mid april last year but the wipers really got after it for a while mid may... have to say that was the high point.
Thanks. I've only fished Pueblo once, jigging for walleyes about 3 years ago. Water was pretty low, didn't even have a bite.
First part of May is the earliest I've seen them come out although anytime from mid April on if your lucky theres a chance.
Pueblo, IMHO, has never been a good early season lake. Although the CO record wiper was caught about this time last year in Pueblo. Had a good chance to be the world record but it dehydrated enough that it fell just a little short when it got to the scales. We should see low 50 degree water in the west end by early next week but unlike a lot of other lakes this doesn't seem to bring the fish shallow/active. You can catch some nice bass though-most of my best fish here have been early season up until mid-May. I just don't see the numbers like later on in the season. Ed
JohnnyO19 said:
When does the wiper action usually get going there? Is there a certain water temp that turns them on?
56 degrees F
1eyeRed-Just curious how you came up with 56 degrees? Why not 55 or 57? ;D Ed
Thanks Ed, good info... I wish it were differant concerning early spring action in Pueblo for wiper. getting ancious don't ya know... will have to take a road trip or two before may I guess.

Take care
Ed Marcol said:
1eyeRed-Just curious how you came up with 56 degrees?  Why not 55 or 57? ;D  Ed
Got it from a DOW officer up at N. Sterling Res. Ever since he told me that, I went with it as a fact. I'm quite gullible. If that DOW officer would've said 40 degrees F then I'd probably be out there trying for wipers before spring break. ;D ;D
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