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I heard about the Arctic Grayling late last fall and I've been itching to target them...I went up with my buddy Remy and GF and had some GREAT SUCCESS!! Threw a wide variety of stuff with no action (for the graylings at least), we landed a big brown, some Brookies, some Colorado River Cutthroat, and a handful of white suckers too. We switched to the 2" Micro Minnow Tadpole pattern and the Grayling went nuts for it!! Most hits couldn't have been more then 20 yards off of shore.

We landed several trophy size ones, 3 of which were 1/2" or less from a Master Angler Award! This species is so beautiful and that dorsal fin is incredible馃槏馃槏

Weather was very nice and sunny with only small spurts of wind! Drone shots came out great as everything is lush up there right now! Hoping next time we target them we have the same success! Hope you all enjoy!!



1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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