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Arkansas Pre-Spawn Walleyes

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Well, it’s been awhile and I wish I had more success but it is what it is.

Been chasing winter and pre-spawn walleyes down here in Arkansas but just haven’t been able to time it right yet with time off. Weather has been all over the map but a recent string of warm weather really has helped.

Mainly focusing on the headwaters of Greers Ferry and Bull Shoals, but my home lake of Beaver will start producing better in a few weeks. I enjoy learning new water so it’s nice getting out of town a few hours.

The males are starting to stage but no signs of the big girls yet.

Most luck has been with jerkbaits/shad raps as well as jigs (tubes and brushhogs)

Couldn’t even buy a bite with minnows this past weekend.

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Sexy! I like fishing flowing water. :thumb:
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