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fished the ark on saturday.  went into browns canyon and hiked up stream 3miles or so.  a mild day with mainly cloud cover.  rain and storm clouds by evening.

the flows were at 280 cfs, so run off has not begun - yet!  but good flow. water was clear, but a bit stained.  temps in the lower 50's. 

fished from 9am - 5pm.  bwo hatch at 11am and loads of fish caught nymphing and then on drys.  bwo #16, adams #16 for drys.  barr emerger, olive bh pt, gray soft hackle for nymphs.

caddis started hatch furiously at 2:30pm till about 4pm.  never tied on a dry, but nymphing they were taking caddis emergers, breadcrusts and hares ears.

my buddy also thought a small stone fly hatch was happening.

a complex day of bugs, but real good fishing.  all browns, many chunky 18" with a real serious fight. i would say me and buddy caught over 50 fish total - and countless other hung but not landed.

the pattern was fishing in 3-4' fast moving water.  there were fish all over and in many types of water, but the real takers were in good moving 3' water.

perhaps one more trip there before run off?

oh, there was a rubber hatch going on from 12noon till 4pm - at least 35 or so rubber white water rafting boats making there way down stream from rose to hecla.  man that sucks when 6,7, 8 in a row come down.  spoils the fishing for a bit.  i suppose this will only be increasing as the flows go up and temps warm - well, it is the most popular white water section in the lower 48.
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