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saturday was a gorgeous day. hope lots of you got out to enjoy it. the moon was out so that was a sign that things would not be as good as las time i was there. managed to get out with my son. we did OK . my son caught about 15 fish. biggest an 18 " brown. i got 20 biggest an 18" brown.most fish were caught on a Barr emerger,some on BHFB P-tails. had to work more for fish but it was still good and flows are very wadeable.
Sunday we headed to Spinny. Moon was high above our heads. The wind was howling early. started to fish around 9:30. the wind got worse and worse. only stayed out in our B-boats 2 hrs.Got 1 18"RB on a spruce fly.My son got a 16" RB on an olive woolie.i had one on on a thomas bouyant but it broke off. got off the lake at 11:15. tired from kicking against the wind and waves. waves were breaking over the back of the B-Boat.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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