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Arkansas River/Pueblo Res. 3-27

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Did a combo trip yesterday. Spent most of the day on the Arkansas around the Texas creek area. Took me about half the day to figure out what was working (hadn't held a fly rod for over a year). Ended up with a dozen small Browns 10-14 inchs mostly on stonefly nymphs.

Got to Pueblo around 4:00 and fished on the south flats by the Marina. Didn't really expect much with the walleye spawn going and cold water! I ended the day with a nice 19" Bow that hit a Pointer 78. All in all, it was a good day for this time of year! Beats the #### out of work!!!
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I used to fish that Cotapaxi/Texas Cr. area quite a bit back in the day. Now I'm strictly a warmwater guy-but I always liked that stretch of the Arkansas.
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