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I got to spend an hour or so fishing the Ark the other day. The wife was with me and it wasn't cold enough for her to fish. Maybe when Hell itself freezes over. lol

I've traveled through that canyon more times than I care to admit but I have never seen ice jams like this on the Ark. Not that it doesn't happen (I'm just the occasional drive thru witness). There where several large sections like this, not 100% blocked, but I don't think it would take much to obstruct the river at this point. This was taken a few miles below Coaldale.

Last Aug. I saw the washout from Big Cottonwood Ck.(?) It made the river look more like a mud flow than just dirty water(should have taken a picture). These fish had a rough last year. 70 degree summer water, mudslides, and now ice jams. lol

And if your thinking of heading there, the water is way off until above Coaldale.

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