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Arvada Reservoir 05/02/05

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1st time there today. Hot damn, that water is clear. Got there around 07:15 and stayed til 09:00. Was hoping for the smallmouths (or even a friggin trout). Nada, zip, zilch, no f****** cigar! Oh well, I kinda saw it coming. It seemed more like duck hunting weather to me. I'm quite stoked about the contours of the lake. I'll have to take the boat on it on a warmer day. "Damn, I hate posting reports of the SKUNK."
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No gas motors even if they are sitting in the bottom of your boat. Know this from experience. When my dad adn i first went to Arvada, we took along a friends boat with a 15 horse. The rangers made us take the motor off before we could even enter. When we put it in the boat they told us that we had to have it away from the boat before we could go through. So we threw it in the bed of the truck. While we were fishing we saw them stop by our truck and get out. That is how paranoid they are about gas motors. But it is nice when you see the boat out in the lake but don't hear it. If you are hiking to the other side of the lake, be ready for a long walk.
Where exactly is Smith Reservoir. On the internet i saw Word Reservoir No. 1 at that location. Then i saw smith reservoir near Blanca, Colorado!!
From Arvada you can see a dam up towards the mountains. Don't know the name of this reservoir. I know it can't be fished. :'( My dad was welding at the base of this dam not too long ago. He said that when he climbed to the top and looked in he said there were 3 or 4 20" plus fish swimming along the bank. He didnt remember what they were. He said he walked along the bank and saw many more that size. Why can't they open this to fishing. I would gladly pay a small fortune to fish that place!!
It may have been open to fishing when the lake first opened, but not any more. Has anyone had anyluck here lately?
i heard that channel cats hang out by the dock. Use some stink bait and they hit. On teh north side, go directly across from the dock, i have had good luck there. Every time i have gone, i have had to use different baits. i'd rocammend minoows and worms for bass or bows. As soon as i can get out there again im trying for the cats myself.
i think they open a 7 or 7:30. good luck
im going to try to go out tomorrow. im going to fish the north side right off teh dam. the water is about 10 to 15 feet deep there. my dad talked to teh guy who runs teh reservoir today. they said that they were pulling 3-5 pound bass out. my friend and i headed out there to try to get these monsters. got there and teh rain started. tried to wait ti out. during a break we ran otu to see teh water and the sky. saw nasty clouds heading towards us so we left. i hate this weather.l the reservoir is higher than i have ever seen it. there is a big fishing tournament for kids this weekend at arvada. may have to wait a week after to fish it.
i will be riding my bike. i have a trailer that i pull behind it. if you see me you'll know its me. i dont know what time i'll get out there. probably late morning. i'll watch for you.
well i didnt go fishing. the rain chased me away. i would have fished in the rain but i was going to have to ride my bike to teh reservoir. if there is a break later i am gone. i am either going tomorrow or monday instead. ddi you go pitbull?
im debating tomorrow. i know i am going on monday morning. early monday morning. the south east side is good for bass right now. i am going to hunt out some cats though. ive been wanting some fried fish. today after teh rain i walked with catfsihunter all the way to the opposite side. nasty back there. teh trails are terrible. teh water is up into the grass. no places to fish. since they added on to the dam, the water is goign to raise a few more feet. the grass si already bad enough, add mroe it is going to be impoosible to fish. i think the northeast side is for boats only. no bank fishing anymore. most of the north side wont be good either.
no i dont have a canoe. i wish. it would be useful at ward road. i do have a 16 ft fiberglass boat that in about a month should be water ready. we could take taht out sometime. whats with the bass having to be thrown back? i understand that they are breeding, but if i catch a big one, i am defintely keeping it. i also beleive they also want to keep fish in the lake for next weekend.
i went to Arvada today. Stupid ants chased me away. those things are everywhere. the rising water is chasing them away from their nests. worms are crawling everywhere in the early morning. free bait! Kenny Billips said that they are killing em over by teh spillway. i am going to try and go out tomorrow to see if it is true. i'll post back with the results.
i think bows but he said that bass were coming from the same area. i guess i'll have to find out! ; :D
I didnt get to go to Arvada Res. I got talked into Ward Rd Pond. This is a picture of Catfishunter's 17 inch smallmouth from mid-April. You can see his post back on the first page of this topic. I had to post the picture because he couldnt get it to work. Where this picture is taken is now under several feet of water!
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Check out the Ward Rd Pond topic. i dont know though. I have only caught largemouths, no smallies. Try posting this on the Ward Rd Topic.
my boss was saying that Kenny Billips was talking about removing most of the trees from Arvada REservoir. Parts of the trail are going to be broken up and left to become a fish habitat. teh water is supposed to rise another 4 vertical feet off the surface! also the dam they just built has a leak. if it doesnt pass with teh state government, then they are dropping the water back down and redoing the dam.
Has anyone been to Arvada lately? Heard a few people have pulled some fish out. The bass are supposedly very active and feisty. All the fish are healthy adn have a large girth. I haven't been out there in a while though.
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