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Arvada Reservoir 05/02/05

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1st time there today. Hot damn, that water is clear. Got there around 07:15 and stayed til 09:00. Was hoping for the smallmouths (or even a friggin trout). Nada, zip, zilch, no f****** cigar! Oh well, I kinda saw it coming. It seemed more like duck hunting weather to me. I'm quite stoked about the contours of the lake. I'll have to take the boat on it on a warmer day. "Damn, I hate posting reports of the SKUNK."
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The key to Arvada is to walk to the other side. If you want bass, the far side, where the dam starts, is a great place to fish from shore. Start where the rock hits the dirt, it pushes out onto a point. No one is aloud on the actual dam, so be careful. 2 weeks ago I landed 1 bass(about 18") on a tube. Landed about a dozen or so stocker trout. I started fishing the bottom fishing with eggs, once I found the depth/distance I changed over to a micro-egg pattern and absolutely started to hammer them on the fly rod. I was catching fish in very shallow water, oh maybe 20-30 feet from shore(very close). Hope this helps, Good Luck!!!
Bingo, if you have a boat there is also a second point which is a must. If you are pointed north looking at where the dam and dirt meet,( on the other side) there is a big point to your left (just south, down the beach of the first point) that is great for the bass, and as temp. rises the tigers as well. Stay on that side of the lake and good luck!!!
West 64th ave. and highway 93.
1 - 3 of 56 Posts
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