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Arvada Reservoir - Perch - 10/23/05

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Went to Arvada, this Sunday, was told that the Perch fishing was hot, NOT. Unless you need perch for catfish or fatfish. Caught a few sardines.
Went to Aurora, Sat. much better, no perch, but 6-7 nice trout, kept our 2 fish limit of four, and about 10 crawdads. Drifting crawlers both places.
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"I'll gladly pay you tomorrow for a perch today!" Wimpy, from Popeye.
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There are a few ice fisherman who could probably use some of them perch.
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*cough* dan...errr...*cough*
how is arvada right now still high or is it leveling out yet i did real good there earlier this yr but once it got to high to do any real good shore fishin i stopped goin
Does this lake have a lot of structure or is it basically flat bottom?
If you would like to go, it could gave "some" bottom structure.LOL ;) It has a lot of structure, lots of humps and bumps, could be a great walleye lake. About 200 acres could be a great walleye lake, but a lot of pressure. Most guys fish for trout and there are some large ones, now and then. Caught a 24" cutbow, 2 years ago. Also has some large cats but, no night fishing, I have however seen pics. of a 14 lber. Take Care
Arvada closes in a week! :'( So i have to get a little fishing in before it closes. My dad talked ot Kenny Billips and he recommends fishing by teh dam down deep. He said right now you have to be in the right spot at teh right time. He also reccomends trolling down the shore across the reservoir from teh parking lot.
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