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arvada reservoir

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Does anyone here ever fish at Arvada Reservoir? I have wondered if the fishing is very good there. I do know that they are looking for volunteer rangers for the reservoir, and in exchange you get to fish for free, so i was wondering if it was worth checking into or not.
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I caught a 8.5 lb. Brown out of there 3 years ago. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't a brood fish, as the fins were in great shape. We've caught a number of smallies in the14"-19" range. There are supposed to be a lot of wallies in there, but we've never been able to get any. Have any of you caught some?
All I know is that they have some pictures at the shack where you check in that are definitely walleys-some pretty nice, but very few caught from what the volunteers say.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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