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I'd skip the Devils Punchbowl area. There will be a snow bridge at the bottom that you cannot get over. Fishing just ok in that area. I second Pomeroy Lakes (really, the St Elmo are). Backcountry camping with many lakes: Baldwin Lakes, Grizzly Lake, Hancock Lake, Tunnel Lake, Mirror Lake over Tincup Pass. Lots of streams and beaver ponds. Great 4x4 trails to test any level you are willing to try, e.g. Old Tincup Pass, Iron Chest, Williams Pass (if it is open?)...tough trails. It gets lots of use but a great area with lots of history.
All of these areas mentioned will probably not be open until mid to late July. The first rig of the season just made it to North Fork Lake two days ago and it is still frozen solid.
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