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Hi all. First post, so be gentle :)

I'm a fairly fanatic fly fisherman. I took up fly fishing when I moved to Colorado in 2008, and I've put a lot of days in on the water. I've fished everything from the Dolores to the Conejos to the North and South Platte (many stretches), the Blue, the Frying Pan, Roaring Fork, William's Fork, White River, Colorado, Crystal, Flat tops (only a little), Gunnison, Lake Fork, East, Taylor, Taryall, Middlefork, Michigan Creek, Cache le Poudre, Big Thompson, Gianetti (RMAC), Fraser, Arkansas (upper and lower)...and let's face it, I've barely scratched the surface! I can't get over how many amazing places there are to fish in Colorado. We are very lucky to live here!

I know there are those of you out there that have hundreds of more days in and far more experience than I will ever have. I'm just always excited to share my experiences. It's the only activity that has captured and held my attention without any sign of slowing down. So here's to fly fishing!

With that said...I need some help. I've got a good friend who I've been trying to get to come to Colorado for some time to join me for a fly fishing adventure. He wants to get up into some beautiful Colorado country in early July for a few days, and he asked me about taking my side by side ATV up into some high mountain lake/stream area where we can camp, do some moderate hiking and above all do some fishing. I'm wondering if anyone can share advice for a 2-3 day trip where we might get into some nice cuts in a lake or two, and possibly some brookies etc in streams along the way. I know it is probably asking a lot to find a place that isn't too heavily traveled as let's face it...if I can get there with an ATV, others are going to get there too. But we could establish a base camp and do some hiking to get away a bit. I haven't taken the ATV out much yet here (but I'm a fairly competent rider), so I'm starting from scratch in this department other than knowing a few spots in the flat tops along the white river.

I thought about going to the Gunnison area, around the Devil's punchbowl region but I'm not sure if there is any good fishing up there.

If you feel comfortable sharing any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it. I can return the favor with a secret hole or two. Feel free to send a PM if that's easier. Fragile waters and all :)
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