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Great job OneEyeRed and to your lady moreso...

One tip since there can be huge lulls...make your drag as loose as can be...once they pick up a bait they arent dropping it (usually) and then the line can speed gives you a chance to get in position...lean towards the fish and with your hand over the line against the rod to gently up lift and set the hook...then get your fingers off the line because when they feel the hook set that is when the 15 mph to 100mph in a split second happens...I then slowly tighten my drag while erroring to the loose side for the drag you found out they make many sudden runs and with 4 and even 6 pound line there isnt much room for error or a drag that sticks...the thing that many people dont realize with a big fish set the drag light and use your index  finger on the spool as a brake...much like cupping a fly reel with a big fish to slow the spool down...that is can apply just the right amount of pressure with your index if you survive the initial surge when the hook is set you have a great chance of getting them in...I also retie and cut off about 10 feet after catching a big wiper on light I take extra rods...people are really going to laugh at this one...and the fly fishers are going to cringe (I tie flies)...the best hook I have found for baitfishing leeches is a Tiemco 2457 scud hook in a size 10...wipers to 14 pounds have never bent one straight...wipers have a tough flabby spot inside their mouths the the little hooks just stick to...and those Tiemcos are tough and sharp...the fly fishermen and women will be turning over in their graves on that one...I wish I could get them in red!

Any way great job!!! sure is a fun ride on light gear isnt it 1EyeRed?...and they are horribly skittish out there in that clear shallow water as you found out casting lures at them...I know there is a 20 out there with my name on it!...hope you beat me to it!...

Good luck...hope the wiper stew was good!...hope you had a meat saw to clean them with their industrial strength rib cage!
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