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Finally getting around to this...4 fishing nights and two Avalanche games in 6 days...old and tired Z...

Hit Aurora Reservoir about 8 am on there late...too many little things and got delayed...pretty much dead calm from 8am until 11:30 am...I was pretty stoked since I had heard that 5,000 rainbows had recently been stocked...ringing the dinner bell for jumbo wipers and walleyes (talked to one guy who had wipers grab trout he had hooked on his fly road while reeling them in...and a confirmed report of an 11 or so pounder caught)...water temp was 56...used big plugs and big baits...nothing...not one hit...the wind came up pretty strong from the east and I bailed...showed up on Sunday around 2pm with Joe (PuebloWiperman?again casting big baits for wipers while dragging a pole with worms/leeches/minnows for whatever?didn?t do this on Saturday?stuck to the big stuff?Joe struck first with a rainbow with kind of clamped fins?

and then a smaller one on his Rapala Crayfish lure that he is having all kinds of luck with (got to get me some)?next it was my turn on a crawler (can you say grumpy use getting pissy cuz you can't find the wipers)?a little bigger bow?

unfortunately the wipers didn?t show at dark?we were the last ones on the lake and off when boats had to get off at 6:38 (the place doesn?t close until 7:30 and you have to get your boat off 52 minutes before the park closes even if you have lights?in October when there are only a few boats to begin with?are any rules made there with common sense in mind??guess while I am at it I might as well come with my annual fall Aurora complaint?in case they ever actually read this and do something about it?they have every sign and toy in the world out there?but an electric only lake where you have no hope of running a boat on the trailer with an electric motor in heavy cross waves?they refuse to put a couple of floating docks in at the boat ramps to facilitate loading your boat?meanwhile they close yet another area (the rocky area next to the sailboard beach) in the name of safety is closed to fishing?I remember when they told me this spring they were going to close it because an errant hook might get into the sailboard beach ?50 feet away in the other direction?guess it is ok if someone drowns at the boat ramp?they are only boaters?
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