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I know its a bit late but I haven't had a lot of time.

We parked at the dam at around 3 and walked alllll the way to where the dam curves and goes to that flat area. (next time we're parking at the other side).

My dad throws out some power eggs and says:

"I don't want to catch fish, I'm taking a nap."

I get my rod and tie on just about every jerkbait I have. Hd trout green, smithwick hot rod limited rogue, xrap 08 in silver, blue and firetiger, husky jerk in pink and fire tiger. By then I said screw it and tied on a curly tail grub. Nothing on that either. I grab my dads rod and reel it in, and grabbed some orange power bait. 1 minute after the bait is in the water. Fish. I don't know how big the trout was, but it was about as long as my size 12 shoe, so no pics needed. We walked quite a ways and were disappointed, well at least i was my dad was happy that he could nap.
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