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Aurora 5/11

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Went out again this morning and caught a few fish.  When I was leaving there was a fish farm truck at the boat ramp and two ranger boats were taking fish around the lake.  I talked with the guy who drove the truck and he said that they were putting about 200 fish between 2-4 lbs for this weekend.  We talked for a while and he said that he had done this the past 7 years and that this years trout were not as big as previous years.  Anyways back to the fishing part.  I caught 4 walleye and 6 trout.  I don't think that they were the stocked trout since I caught them before the truck arrived and they were between 14-16 inches.  My first walleye of the day was this fat bruiser that measure a little over 23" and I would guess it to weigh around 4.5 to 5 lbs.
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Nice fish Roth. You've got that place figured out!
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