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I noticed a new picture on the bragging board at the Aurora Sportsmans Wh :eek: rehouse. It's a huge catfish dated 4-14-06 and written on the pic is "new aurora record".

I can't say that anyone on the board here posted knowledge of this huge fish, did anyone or am I just not paying close enough attention?

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Thought I had but getting old and forgetful...I remember talking to the Ranger about it...he said they caught it at the handicapped pier...on salmon eggs...I think it was 26 pounds...

There was a gentleman by the name of Clarence that kept upping the lake record for Channel cats out there...he would break it a couple of times a year...last I had heard he had it up to 19 pounds prior to this 26 pounder...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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