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I was out there yesterday as well. When me & my gal got there about 11am the dam was packed with people, so we hiked about a mile around the east side. I kept feeling the strangest feeling on my line. Not the normal tug just like something bumping it. When I would reel in the bait was gone. Thought it was maybe smaller fish, but one time reeling in slowly I saw something moving fairly quickly towards my line. I felt the same bump bump. I reeled in very slow & there was a nice 6 to 7 inch crawdad on my worm.

At about 2pm the dam had cleared out so we walked over there. My gal got the first bow, little 11" guy & we threw him back (waves were coming in & got soaked doing it). On my next cast I couldnt get my line to get taunt, would reel till almost taunt then slack. Repeated this over & over. Finally looked down at the line in the water & there is 11" bow on my line. Truly a "surpise" fish. We tried to release him but there wasnt any life in him. Little while later got a 14" bow. We decided to pack up then as it was about 530pm.
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