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Nawanda said:
  1 battery is not enough,  unless you're fishing only half a day

   2 batteries is enough to fish all day

   3 batteries:    I've put three in the boat, and over a year,  never had to use the third battery.

   [Except that one time. Unless,  like me,  you heard of Murphy's law:


        Something did go wrong. My oldest battery died on an over-nighter.  Since I'd taken 3 batteries for the overnighter, it was no problem, and I caught some REALLY nice fish.]

        2 is all you need.
Ah, thankx. Now I know to buy just one more. Yeah, last time I took the boat to Union, I fished for half a day and realized that I was almost out of juice. I think I'll by two more just for backup and things will be ok...... I hope.
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