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Got on around 8...fished from the Marina cove, around the rock point all the way to the tower...didnt mark a whole lot of fish...caught one 15 inch Rainbow on a white twister tail...many looking for walleyes but I didnt talk or see anyone that found them...lake is behind other area lakes in terms of temperature...40.7 degrees...lots of flooded vegetation with the lake being up 20 verticle feet...I think the fish are still trying to figure out where they are supposed to be...I think it is a couple weeks of warm weather from turning on...many people catching Rainbows from guy doing pretty well with a fly rod...I believe he was using an egg guy in a float tube caught a few too...not sure what he was using but it wasnt very was pretty chilly out there too...

I have a question for the people who run Aurora Reservoir...they make plenty of money have new trucks, four wheelers...but they are the only upgraded area that doesnt have a dock or two at the boat ramp...and it is an all electric lake on top of it...with crosswinds you cant get the speed to ram a boat on to a you have a bunch of people wading in 40 degree water getting their boats's a joke for everything they have out there and for how anal they are about some two cents...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....
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