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Aurora Reservoir 05/07/05

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Ok sorry guys better late than to the reservoir around 8:30...a good breeze out of the west...highest water temperature I seen during the day was 49.8...that I believe will be one blessing for the upcoming trout the past few years the water temp was considerably warmer...and the hatch of huge midges always seemed to concur with the contest and I think many trout were simply stuffed...a much colder and deeper reservoir this year may put that on hold for a week or two...I started out shallow thinking with all of the submerged vegetation from the lake being 22 feet deeper...that area sooner or later will turn into a food factory as the daphnia go nuts on the decaying matter which inturn will feed the next layer in the food chain and so on and so forth...I think within a couple of years the perch will be back as a result of the new lake syndrome that occurs when water levels go back up covering land areas of vegetation...oh well that has nothing to do with current fishing...well if there were fish shallow I could nt catch them...I threw lures and bait...after messing around shallow for a few hours we went out to 10 to 20 feet and deeper....I didnt see many fish deeper than 20 on my fish finder...I only went after trout...didnt hit any of my walleye wiper spots...I caught 4 from 12 to 18 inches...two on white twistertails and two on a split shot and a minnow...Tom in the front of the boat smelled the skunk...swears he didnt have a bite...I think he was an interesting day...almost managed to beach the boat along the south shore of the marina cove...there was an ominous thunderstorm well to the north where there were tornado warnings...well we got hit by a microburst and almost got put on shore...I thought it was far enough away...I was wrong...we talked to several people as bunch got off the lake after the micro burst and all we talked to had the skunk on their back is like learning a new lake out there with the increased water levels...I also have another story but I will put it in the main topics...I think it is is something I have never seen fishing and hope to never see again...I will but it under a "Boat Fire" thread...
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Did you catch walleyes or trout?
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