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Today was one of the best days this year. I woke up at 7:00 A.M, and my friend and I headed over to Bass Pro Shops. We were in line for an hour, but we were the tenth and eleventh customers through the door. I have only been to the BPS in Katy, TX, but this one is awesome! This store has everything anyone could possibly need. I picked up a new ultralight rod and reel combo, an ice auger, a float tube, some flippers, and a few lures. I had $180.00 to spend, and I spent $179.47. We put the stuff back in my truck and wandered around the store for awhile. They have a freaking Starbucks in the store.

We went back to my house, put all our stuff away, and headed out. We filled up the tubes at a gas station and got to the reservoir around 1:00 P.M.. It was fairly breezy, with some choppy water, but by the time we had our waders on and were ready to go, the lake had become completely calm. This must have been a sign from the fish gods.

We launched from the beach and made our way toward Senac Cove, learning as we went. I was tossing Kastmasters, Krocodiles, jigging Swedish Pimples, Mepps, and everything with no luck. A boat passed us that had filled its limit in an hour on "orange." So, I put on an orange Kastmaster. I had one subtle hit, but I couldn't land the fish. A guy was "trolling" inb his float tube, and he had had some luck with Thomas Bouyants. I tried that with no luck. This was turning out to be one of those "everybody is catching fish but us" days.

Finally, we were making our way back across the lake, and I hooked up with a fish on a rainbow Kastmaster. It gave me an awesome fight on my new ultralight with six pound test. I landed him, took a picture, and released him. My friend smelled the skunk today, but it was an awesome time.

Sorry for writing a book, but a day as great as this is worth it to me. I only had two classes today, so I don't think I missed too much. ;D


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When I started reading this, I thought, "shouldn't he be in school?" It sounds like it was worth it though. I only use ultralight equipment nowadays (besides fly rods), and even little trout give you a great fight.

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Jay_In_Parker said:
Do they have the hugh fish tank up and going at BPS???

Nice report

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ya they have the tank, its almost all trout, 1 bass, 1 catfish, and a bunch of pike

the one in texas was all bass, sunfish, crappie and cats
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